Complify makes sure that everyone, from employees, interns and independent contractors are properly trained, in compliance with State harassment laws.

Available Anywhere

Our interactive training modules are available on phone, tablet and desktop. Set up a training in a couple minutes... and you are done!

Fun & Easy to Use

Our videos are designed to be fun, effective and engaging. We offer training for employees as well as for managers.




Up-to-date with State laws

Regulations are changing all the time, Complify notifies you based on your industry and location, so that you know when a new training has to be completed for your employees. We currently support California, New York, Connecticut and all the other states.

Make sure everyone is certified

Complify makes it easy to certify employees and know who completed (or not) mandatory training. We make sure that you are covered if any issue arises or in case of an inspection.

Works for everyone and everywhere

We believe that training needs to be accessible to anyone, whether someone works in an office or on the field, Complify training modules are accessible on tablets and phones in English and Spanish.

Quick setup

Get started with your team in as little as 30 minutes! Complify makes it easy to manage your whole team and edit existing training modules. 


Complify is the most integrated software, we integrate directly with your existing HR tools, making it seamless to onboard new employees and remind people when it's time to take a new test.


Keep track on training status for each person and analyze results on each training module. Complify offers advanced reporting to segment and analyze results based on employee location, job title and more.

$1 per employee per month

Transparent Pricing

Instant access to training library



Free Onboarding

Thanks to Complify we can automatically train new employees and keep track on latest regulations. Their training modules are amazing and we feel safe knowing that we are compliant at all time. 

HR Manager, Upcall

The Business Times

"The smartest HR product
in the market"


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